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Flower Mix 0-21-26 Fertilizer - 1 Pound

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FLOWER 0-21-26 Water Soluble Fertilizer
Part Number: NJRC010-1lb.
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Connecting Science & Cultivation

JR Croptech Flower Mix 0-21-26 Water Soluble Fertilizer - 1 Pound

Simplify your fertigation program with this easy 3-part system from JR Croptech. Use JR CropTech Flower Mix 0-21-26 water soluble fertilizer in conjunction with Calcium Nitrate and Calcium Chloride to create a complete plant nutrient solution including micro-nutrients. This combination has been thoroughly tested to perform to the high standards of today's commercial cannabis growers. Optimized for healthy, dense cannabis inflorescence development.
SKU: NJRC010-1lb.
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