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Agri-Fos Systemic Fungicide pint
Agri-Fos Systemic Fungicide pint

Agri-Fos Systemic Fungicide pint

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Apply AGRI-FOSÆ Systemic Fungicide by various application methods, including foliar spray, soil drench, soil incorporation, basal bark application and bare root dip. For foliar sprays, apply AGRI-FOSÆ Systemic Fungicide with sufficient water volumes for adequate coverage of foliage, according to plant type and growth stage. To ensure good coverage, spray to wetness, but avoid run-off.
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Agri-Fos Systemic Fungicide


What is Agri-Fos?

Agri-Fos is based on the potassium salts of phosphorous acid. It is very effective against phytophthora and pythium disease on agricultural, horticultural and ornamental plants. This includes P. ramorum which causes Sudden Oak Death, (SOD). It also controls fire blight on apples, pears, & ornamentals & downy mildew on roses & other crops.

How is Agri-Fos used?

Depending upon the usage, it can be applied as a soil drench, foliar spray, by soil incorporation, a basal bark treatment, or as a bare root dip.

What can Agri-Fos be used on?

It can be used on woody ornamentals as a soil drench or foliar spray to control phytophthora. It is used the same way on bedding plants. On turf, it is used to control phythium diseases. In California, it is the only product currently registered to control Sudden Oak Death. Outside of California, it can be used on pears and apples to control fire blight. It is used on various fruit & vegetable crops to control various diseases. On conifers, it’s used to control root rot.

Can Agri-Fos be used to stop infestation of already infected trees?

Yes. Agri-Fos can be used as a curative and preventative spray. Just what is Phytophthora? This is a soil-born disease with numerous species that normally affect the plant's root system. The disease loves moisture. One symptom is that, even though the plant is well irrigated, it looks like it needs water. More watering only worsens the symptoms, and the plant slowly dies. Since this is a soil-borne disease, a soil drench works well to control. P. ramorum, a species of phytophthora which causes Sudden Oak Death. P. ramorum can also be controlled with a basal bark treatment on large oak trees, and with a soil drench on rhododendrons, camellias, etc.

When should I use Agri-Fos?

It is best to do prevantative treatments, but most people do not treat until symptoms appear. Be sure to treat plants adjacent to the effected plants to prevent spread of the disease. On bedding plants, treat immediately after transplanting. For downy mildew, treat at first sign of disease as a foliar spray. Treat at 14-21 day intervals. On turf, use at 14-21 day intervals when disease is noted. For fire blight, apply in the spring when new foliage first appears, then again one month later. If disease is severe and rain is prevalent, weekly applications may be required until the disease is brought under control. Agri-Fos has many other uses for controlling specific diseases on various plants and crops. Read label for a list of these, as well as usage rates and various application directions.

What precautions should I observe?

Use the rates stated on the label. Do not mix with any other products. If used as a basal bark treatment on woody trees it should be mixed with Pentra-Bark. On turf, do not water until the spray has completely dried on the plant.

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