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AquaGro 2000 - 120 lb
AquaGro 2000 - 120 lb

AquaGro 2000 - 120 lb

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Media surfactant. Ensures quick and easy initial wetting for growers who mix their own soilless media. Reduces media shrinkage and watering frequency. Ensures uniform penetration of water soluble chemicals and fertilizers.
Part Number: AQ03
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Manufacturer: Aqua-Gro

AquaGro 2000 120 lb. 

AquaGro 2000 G media surfactant helps you overcome water repellency and control the moisture in your mix. AquaGro 2000 G blends easily in all types of mixes and allows water to flow uniformly.

Benefits include:

  • Fast initial wetting
  • Faster, more uniform water distribution
  • Optimizes air to water ratios
  • Gets plants established quickly
  • Aqua-Gro 2000 Granular should be incorporated at 1/2 to 1 lb. per cubic yard to ensure quick and easy initial wetting of soilless media.



Ensure the wettability of your mix with AquaGro 2000 G.


Model Number: 810950020580
UPC: 0810950020580

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