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  6. Calcium Sulfate, Solution Grade GYPSUM 1 lb.
Calcium Sulfate, Solution Grade GYPSUM 1 lb.
Calcium Sulfate, Solution Grade GYPSUM 1 lb.

Calcium Sulfate, Solution Grade GYPSUM 1 lb.

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Solution Grade Gypsum 1 pound bag 22% calcium and 17% sulfur. Valufil 650
Part Number: Valu-Fil-650-1lb.
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Solution Grade Gypsum

1 pound bag

22% calcium and 17% sulfur

AGC “Gypsum is our business, Custom is our creed” 

The ACG Materials Valu-Fil® 650 Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate, is a very fine, free-flowing, odorless, tasteless white powder produced by fine-grinding and air separating a select grade of high-purity white gypsum.


Valu-Fil 650 is a white, high purity, finely ground calcium sulfate dihydrate which is used to improve soils in turfgrass and agricultural applications. This solution grade soil amendment is readily dissolved in water and is usually delivered through an existing irrigation system to condition calcium deficient soils for enhanced turfgrass development.
Distributing Valu-Fil 650 through an irrigation system quickly and efficiently supplies the calcium needed to maintain the soil’s salinity at its most productive level. The amount applied depends on the chemical analysis of the water and soil being treated. When calcium sulfate enters the soil matrix it acts to improve the soil's physical properties by increasing the electrolyte concentration, regulating soil pH and providing calcium for ion exchange with sodium and aluminum. Some of the benefits associated with the use of solution grade calcium sulfate for turfgrass are: 
  •  Improved Soil Structure - Gypsum provides calcium which can flocculate clay soils and reduce the swelling of smectite clays. These mechanisms tend to loosen compacted clay soils and open pore spaces improving the penetration of water, air, and roots into the soil.
  • Increased Water Infiltration - As the soil structure improves, the water infiltration rate and hydraulic conductivity of the soil increases.
  • Crust Prevention - Using gypsum to increase the electrolyte concentration of the irrigation water can prevent depositional crusts on soil surfaces which can adversely affect water infiltration rates and seed emergence.
  • Better Moisture Retention- Gypsum helps the soil take in and retain moisture, improving the soil’s water-use efficiency which is especially critical in times of drought.
  • Fertilization - Gypsum supplies bio-available calcium and sulfur, elements vital to proper plant growth and development.
  • Enhanced Nutrient Absorption -The calcium supplied in gypsum is essential to the biochemical mechanisms by which most nutrients are absorbed. It regulates the balance of micronutrients in grass plants and optimizes the calcium to magnesium ratio in soils.
  • Environmentally Safe - Valu-Fil 650 is inert and non-toxic. It is mined from the same gypsum deposit as Allied Custom Gypsum’s food and pharmaceutical grade calcium sulfate.
  • Technical Specifications Sheet 
  • Label and MSDS 
  • Solution Grade Gypsum Brochure
Irrigation Effects
Controlling soil salinity with appropriate water management is especially important because soils with high sodium content do not perform as well as calcium rich soils. Many irrigation sources contain excess salt, which in turn increase the salinity of soils. Soil performance can be improved by including gypsum with irrigation water because the calcium found in gypsum competes with other cations for binding sites in the soil. 

 ACG Materials brand of Calcium Sulfate, is a high purity, fine, soft white dihydrate form of gypsum with a specific gravity of 2.32, a typical pH of 7.5. Typical average particle diameter of ACG Valu-Fil is 18 microns. Maximum solubility 2 grams per liter or 7.7 grams per gallon. Can not be used in concentrated stock solutions.


SKU: Valu-Fil-650-1lb.
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