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Cannabis Bloom Formula 0-20-42 fertilizer 1 lb.

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MasterBlend 0-20-42 Cannabis Bloom fertilizer is well-suited for for both soil based and hydroponic growing. Ideal for commercial indoor and greenhouse grown cannabis and hemp in the flowering(budding) stage! As with all of our water-soluble formulas, our 0-12-24 completely dissolves in water with no fallout and WILL NOT clog sprayers or automated fertilizer delivery systems.
Part Number: MB-BLOOM-1-lb.-2
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Cannabis Bloom Formula 0-20-42 complete with trace elements 

Water Soluble Fertilizer

For Continuous Liquid Feed Programs and Hydroponics

Use this fertilizer in conjunction with Yara calcium nitrate (15% N, 19%Ca) and Giles magnesium sulfate (9.8%Mg, 12.9%S) to formulate a complete fertilizer solution. 

MasterBlend Cannabis Bloom Formula 0-20-42 is completely water soluble and high purity, making this fertilizer suitable for all continuous feeding programs such as drip feed and all hydroponic systems.

SKU: MB-BLOOM-1-lb.-2
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