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Dramm MSO Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Sprayer
Dramm MSO Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Sprayer

Dramm MSO Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Sprayer

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Horticultural Sprayer with fully adjustable pressure - up to 500 psi. Adjustable spray pattern and output rates to 0.5 gpm. Solid bronze pump construction with oilless bearings. Applies most chemical formulations. Operates off of standard 110 v 60HZ power. 33' discharge hose (100' optional).
Part Number: Dramm-MSO
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Dramm® MSO Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Sprayer

- 1/4 HP Electric Motor - 33ft L - 500psi - 0.5gpm

Model MSO is a hydraulic sprayer with fully adjustable pressures, making it a highly flexible tool for the application of pesticides, fungicides, wetting agents, cleaning solutions and disinfectants. By simply twisting the spray gun knob you can adjust the pressure from a stream that throws up to 20 feet to an eight foot diameter mist. 

The Dramm MSO Heavy Duty Sprayer is a powerful and compact hydraulic sprayer designed to apply all formulations of chemicals. The MSO offers a fully adjustable pressure regulator with a maximum pressure of 500psi. Combined with the MS-TG trigger gun and the pump output of 1/2 g.p.m., the MSO creates a very fine spray for even coverage. The included trigger gun offers an adjustable pattern that will spray from a 20 foot straight stream to a 10 foot mist cone. The MSO is available in several models. The base unit includes the pump, 33 foot discharge hose and the suction and bypass hoses (model MSO). Clean up is easy and maintenance is simple. The MSO uses oilless bearing and stainless steel pump parts. The Dramm MSO Heavy Duty Sprayer is backed by a 6 month parts and labor warranty.

 Let the Dramm Heavy Duty Sprayer be your workhorse. 
SKU: Dramm-MSO
Model Number: MSO

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