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Essentria IC-3 Insect Concentrate quart
Essentria IC-3 Insect Concentrate quart

Essentria IC-3 Insect Concentrate quart

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AI: 10% Rosemary Oil, 5% Geraniol 600, 2% Peppermint Oil. Essentria IC3 is one of our natural bug sprays and the most updated formulation of the EcoExempt IC2 product. Essentria IC3 was improved by adding the adjuvant in the concentrate, as well as a fragrance modifier was added to minimize any odors. Essentria IC3 is a flexible, broad-spectrum EPA FIFRA 25(b) exempt all natural product. This means it is a very safe insecticide for use around your family and pets, but still very effective. One of the best features of Essentria IC3 is that it has no aquatic toxicity. This means you can apply near or over water for spiders, mosquitoes and other water dwelling pests with no worries about harming aquatic life.
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Manufacturer: Zoecon

Essentria® IC-3 Insect Concentrate

Broad-spectrum, 25(b) insecticide made from all natural compounds approved for indoor and outdoor applications. Provides immediate knockdown and long residual of more than 30 insects with target-specific mode of action.

Active Ingredients:

  • Rosemary Oil10.00%
  • Geraniol5.00%
  • Peppermint Oil2.00%


Mites, Gnats, Ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, occasional invaders, spiders, ticks, wasps and 30+ other pests


Use as an indoor spray for commercial or residential accounts, including sensitive areas with high human traffic and food preparation areas. Use outdoors as a perimeter treatment.


• Green formulation is compliant with the National Organics Program

• Octopamine blocker

• No water setbacks

• Broad-spectrum control in food handling establishments, on livestock, perimeters and ornamental

• Residual action and no pyrethroid restrictions


• Octopamine blocker technology works by shutting down the insect’s nervous system and its organs

• No water setback

• 25(b) Exempt

• Indoor, outdoor application


Rosemary Oil................................................10.0%

Geraniol 600.................................................. 5.0%

Peppermint Oil.............................................. 2.0%

OTHER INGREDIENTS Oil of Wintergreen, White Mineral Oil, Vanillin, Polyglyceryl Oleate........................ 83.0% TOTAL.......................100.0%

MODE OF ACTION: Octopamine Blocker




APHIDS, such as: Green peach aphids, Pea aphids, Cotton aphids, Rose aphids

10 (3)

Spray when pests first appear. Repeat application every 5-7 days
BEETLES, such as: Bark beetles, Flea beetles, Japanese beetles, Leaf beetles 20 (6) Spray when pests first appear. Repeat as needed.
CATERPILLARS, such as: Armyworms, Bagworms, Cutworms, Leafrollers, Loopers, Spruce budworms, Webworms 16 (5) Spray when pests first appear
FLIES, such as: Fungus gnats, Shore flies 32 (10) Add at least 1 pint of mixture per gallon pot as soil drench. Repeat application every 7 days for 3 weeks. For poinsettias, lilies and bedding plants, also make one application 10 to 15 days prior to shipping plants to prevent adult emergence
LACEWINGS, such as: Azalea lacewings 10 (3) Spray when pests first appear.
LEAFHOPPERS, such as: Grape leafhoppers, Potato leafhoppers 16 (5) Repeat application every 5-7 days.
LEAFMINERS, such as: Azalea leafminers, Citrus leafminers, Blotch leafminers, Boxwood leafminers 16 (5) Make 2 applications in rotation with adulticides such as pyrethroids
MEALYBUGS, such as: Citrus mealybugs, Long-tailed mealybugs 16 (5) Spray when pests first appear. Repeat every 5 to 7 days
MITES, such as: Two-spotted spider mites, Broad mites, Citrus budmites, Cyclamen mites, Rust mites 16 (5) Spray when pests first appear. Repeat every 5 to 7 days.
SOFT SCALES  20 (6) Use in sufficient water to cover twigs and leaves
THRIPS, such as: Western flower thrips  10 (3) Spray when pests first appear. Repeat every 5 to 7 days
WEEVILS, such as: Black vine weevils, Strawberry vine weevils 16 (5) Make foliar applications to deter adult feeding. Make soil drench applications during spring and fall periods to control larvae. Make at least 3 to 4 applications 10 days apart
WHITEFLIES, such as: Greenhouse whiteflies, Silverleaf whiteflies 10 (3) Ensure good coverage to top and bottom of leaves against larvae and pupae


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