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Grodan GR-Unislab 9.4x7.6x3.9 with 4
Grodan GR-Unislab 9.4x7.6x3.9 with 4'x4' hole case of 16

Grodan GR-Unislab 9.4x7.6x3.9 with 4"x4" hole case of 16

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Grodan GR-Unislab, 9.4 x 7.6 x 3.9 with 4"x4" hole, case of 16
Part Number: RW342680
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Grodan Improved Pre-Cut Uni-Slabs offer a wide control range to steer your crop using irrigation strategies with the added convenience of pre-cut plant holes for easy transplanting of 4” Grodan Gro-Blocks. Featuring the Advanced Wetting Agent, Pre-cut Uni-slabs offer more uniform WC and EC distribution throughout each slab and from slab to slab. Fast rooting and vigorous growth throughout the entire growing
cycle results in improved cannabis plant health, better resilience and higher yields. The improved slab structure and physical properties guarantee rapid resaturation within a wide steering range.

Grodan Improved Pre-cut Uni-Slabs are extremely versatile and lend themselves perfectly to the cultivation of cannabis. Blooming plants will show fast growth, uniform stem development and early setting.

Product Features
  • Pre-cut plant holes for faster, easier transplanting of rooted Grodan Gro-Blocks on to the Grodan Improved Uni-Slabs
  • Single plant system
  • Inert hydrophilic fibre technology
  • High resaturation capacity
  • Uniform water distribution throughout the Grodan Improved Pre-cut Uni-Slabs
SKU: RW342680
Model Number: 774783502944
UPC: 774783502944

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