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Grodan GroBlock Impvd GR6,5 4
Grodan GroBlock Impvd GR6,5 4'x'4'x2.6' w/Hole Loose on PAL

Grodan GroBlock Impvd GR6,5 4"x"4"x2.6" w/Hole Loose on PAL

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Grodan Gro-Block Improved GR6.5, Small 4” (4" x 4" x 2.6") w/Hole – Loose on Pallet
Part Number: RW290153
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Excellent control

The initial saturation and water distribution throughout the height of the blocks results in improved root growth, enhanced water holding capabilities and more stable EC behavior in the root zone. This makes it is easier than ever before to control your crop, with even less inputs, from propagation through to harvest.

Greater steering possibilities

The advanced technology used in Grodan Gro-Blocks Improved combined with the uniformity of WC and EC throughout the entire block provide better vegetative and generative steering. WC and EC can be adjusted more rapidly and efficiently.

Roots making better use of entire substrate volume

Both the rooting-in and rooting-through plant processes in Grodan Improved occurs several days faster, speeding up the vegetative phase and time to harvest. The more effective rooting-through of the entire substrate volume leads to a visible increase of roots and thus, better water and nutrient uptake.
SKU: RW290153
Model Number: 774783493952
UPC: 774783493952

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