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  7. Haifa Cal Prime 17-0-0 calcium nitrate fertilizer 55 lb.
Haifa Cal Prime 17-0-0 calcium nitrate fertilizer 55 lb.
Haifa Cal Prime 17-0-0 calcium nitrate fertilizer 55 lb.

Haifa Cal Prime 17-0-0 calcium nitrate fertilizer 55 lb.

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Haifa Cal Prime 55 pound bag hydroponic grade calcium nitrate fertilizer. Concentrated Calcium Nitrate 17-0-0 with 23.5% Calcium.
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Manufacturer: Haifa Fertilizers

Haifa Cal Prime 55 pound bag

Hydroponic grade calcium nitrate fertilizer

Concentrated Calcium Nitrate 17-0-0 with 23.5% Calcium


Haifa's new prime grade of calcium nitrate offers multiple benefits for growers who seek the most precise results in challenging growth conditions. With high concentration and near zero ammonium level this new product sets new standards of calcium nitrate.

Ideal for soilless-grown crops

In advanced greenhouses where soilless growth media and hydroponics are employed, the pH of the nutritional solution must be carefully balanced. Haifa Cal™ prime is virtually free of ammonium, thus ideal for soilless crops.

Best for zones of high sun irradiation

Accelerated uptake of ammonium by the plant due to intense sun irradiation may result in toxic effects.  Haifa Cal™ Prime assures safe supply of essential calcium with no harmful side-effects.

Grants extra-convenience in handling

Haifa Cal™ Prime is 17% more concentrated than other calcium nitrate products*; therefore application volumes can be significantly reduced while the plants enjoys optimal calcium nitrate levels.  Haifa Cal™ Prime extra convenient to apply by Nutrigation™ or foliar spray.

Haifa Cal® Prime (17-0-0 + 33% CaO) is a new innovative calcium nitrate from Haifa. This unique product contains a significantly lower ammonium content (0.3%) than the conventional water-soluble calcium nitrate (that contains 1.1 percent of ammonium nitrogen).

Due to this higher concentration ammonia, the pH is sometimes adversely affected in the cultivation medium. To much ammonium nitrogen can also disrupt the uptake of potassium and calcium. In addition to a lower ammonium, Haifa-Cal® Prime is also higher concentrated. Growers need less kilograms of product to provide plants with the needed calcium. The advantage: fewer transport movements and less storage capacity. Haifa Cal® Prime is fully water soluble.

  • safety data sheet
  • technical specification sheet
  • CDFA registration and heavy metals report

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