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  7. Lidoquest Copper EDTA 15% 55 lb.
Lidoquest Copper EDTA 15%  55 lb.
Lidoquest Copper EDTA 15% 55 lb.

Lidoquest Copper EDTA 15% 55 lb.

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Chelated copper fertilizer for hydroponic, fertigation and foliar use.
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Lidoquest Copper EDTA 15% 55 pound bag

Hydroponic application

In hydroponics copper EDTA 15% improves the efficacy of Fe-chelates. Though the pH in the irrigation water is around pH 6, the pH in the fertilizer tank can be very low. LidoQuest copper EDTA 15% is stable from pH 1.5 - 10.

 Never bring copper EDTA 15% in direct contact with concentrated acids.

Vegetable crops (tomato, cucumber etc.) do need 0.75 µmol Cu/l (0.048 ppm) continuously, flower crops 0.5 µmol Cu/l (0.032 ppm). 

 Foliar Application

Foliar feeding provides a rapid response and is recommended when fast correction is necessary or soil application is expensive and impractical, or impossible, for example if the soil is extremely wet. Repeated applications might be necessary. For improving leaf coverage it is advisable to add a wetting agent, efficacy may be further increased by adding urea. Dissolve the product to a suitable concentration, and apply with spraying equipment. The pH of final concentration should be lower than 6.5, final EC lower than 1. Dose rates for a specific crop should be tested first on a small scale. When copper deficiency is severe, repeat the application after 3-4 weeks. Apply copper EDTA 15% in vegetative or growth stage of the crop. To reduce the risks of leaf scorching avoid application during hot, sunny days. Treatments in the early morning are preferred.


The product can be mixed with most other fertilizers and agrochemicals without inactivation, precipitation or scorching problems. With liquid fertilizers use the mixture without delay. Test mixed product first on a small scale.


Add the required amount of product to a half filled sprayer tank, then complete the filling process. Ensure that sprayer nozzles are adequate for 200-1000 liters water/ha. Use the higher volume under dry conditions, when treating larger crops and at dense foliage.


  • Store in original container, keep tightly closed and store in cool dry place
  • Store away from children, pets, livestock and foodstuff
  • Wash hands after application and before meals

 WARNING:Harmful if swallowed, Do not breathe dust, Avoid contact with skin. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice No health hazards are involved in normal handling of copper EDTA 15% but it is advisable to follow the above precautions.

Table A: Application rates for greenhouse crops
Crop Cu defecient soil/compost SoilLess/Hydroponic culture Foliar Application
For every watering 3 week interval
Vegetables 0.6 g/1000 liter 0.2-0.4 g/1000 liter 0.2-0.7 g/L
Cut Flowers 0.5 g/1000 liter 0.2-0.3 g/1000 liter 0.2-0.7 g/L
Potted flowers, pot plants   0.2 g/1000 liter 0.2-0.6 g/L

Table B: Application rates for arable crops and open field horticultural crops
Soil Application, arable crops 1-2 kg/ha

Apply pre-drilling or pre-planting to bare

soil in a convenient volume of water, cultivate after spraying

Soil Application, horticultural crops 0.5-1.5 kg/ha

Apply though the watering system.

Use enough water to wet the top 10 cm of soil.

Use clean water immediatley afterwards to wash

the copper chelate from the foliage. Or use the last

5 minutes at the foliar application rate.

Foliar Application 0.2-0.7 kg/ha Apply in a water volume that gives adequate coverage of the crop (200-1000L) Do not exceed a concentration of 0.1%
Citrus 0.2-0.5 kg/ha
Apple, Pear 0.2-0.5 kg/ha
Wheat 0.5-1.0 kg/ha
1 kg/ha = 0.9 lbs/acre 1 g/l = 0.13 oz/gallon


Copper EDTA 15% chelated fertilizer
Formula EDTA-CuNa2
Molecular Weight 397.7
Appearance blue, blue-green powder
Copper chelated: % 15%
Water insoluble: % 0.05% max
pH value (1% solution)

6-7.5 pH


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