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  7. Lidoquest Zinc EDTA 15% 55 lb.
Lidoquest Zinc EDTA 15% 55 lb.
Lidoquest Zinc EDTA 14% 55 lb.

Lidoquest Zinc EDTA 15% 55 lb.

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Enhance crop health with Lidoquest Zinc EDTA 14%. Perfect for fertigation, foliar & hydroponic systems, increasing yield & nutrition of plants.
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Water-soluble, chelated Zinc EDTA fertilizer for foliar, fertigation and hydroponics!

Lidoquest Zinc EDTA 14%, 55 pound bag

Enhance crop health with Lidoquest Zinc EDTA 14%. Perfect for fertigation, foliar & hydroponic systems, increasing yield & nutrition of plants.

Soil Application

EDTA from Zn-EDTA prevents precipitation of zinc phosphates and hydroxides, which makes fertilization combined with NPK fertilizers possible. Soil application gives best results when soil pH is below 7-7.5. Consider foliar application for high pH soils.

Dissolve in water and apply to the soil close to the plants or trunks. After each application water carefully to enhance nutrient uptake. Application must be made in a way that ensures the solution to reach the roots. Lidoquest Zinc EDTA 14%is totally water soluble and therefore very suitable for fertigation.


In hydroponics Lidoquest Zinc EDTA 14% improves the efficacy of Fe-chelates. Though the pH in the irrigation water is around pH 6, the pH in the fertilizer tank can be very low. Lidoquest Zinc EDTA 14% is stable from pH 2 onwards. Never bring Lidoquest Zinc EDTA 14% in direct contact with concentrated acids.

Adjust Lidoquest Zinc EDTA 14% doses for natural zinc concentration in the water used. Vegetable crops (tomato, cucumber etc.) do need 4-5 µmol Zn/l (0.26- 0.33 mg/l) continuously, flower crops 3-4 µmol Zn/l (0.20-0.26 mg/l). Consult table A for equivalents in grams of product.

Foliar Application 

Foliar feeding provides a rapid response and is recommended when fast correction is necessary or soil application is expensive and impractical, or impossible, for example if the soil is extremely wet. Repeated applications might be necessary. For improving leaf coverage it is advisable to add a wetting agent, efficacy may be further increased by adding urea. Dissolve the product to a suitable concentration, and apply with spraying equipment. The pH of final concentration should be lower than 6.5, the final EC lower than 1. Dose rates for a specific crop should be tested first on a small scale. When zinc deficiency is severe, a repeat application should be made after 10- 14 days. Start treatment in early growth stage, but end before blossoming. To reduce the risks of leaf scorching avoid application during hot, sunny days. Treatments in the early morning are preferred.


The product can be mixed with most other fertilizers and agrochemicals without inactivation, precipitation or scorching problems. Do not mix with chemicals based on copper. With liquid fertilizers use the mixture without delay. Test mixed product first on a small scale.


Add the required amount of product to a half filled sprayer tank, then complete the filling process. Ensure that sprayer nozzles are adequate for 200-1000 liters water/ha. Use the higher volume under dry conditions, when treating larger crops and at dense foliage.

  • Store in original container, keep tightly closed and store in cool dry place.
  •  Store away from children, pets, livestock and foodstuff.
  •  Wash hands after application and before meals.

No health hazards are involved in normal handling of Lidoquest Zinc EDTA 14% but it is advisable to follow the above precautions.

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