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  6. MagPhos 0-55-18 fertilizer 1 lb.
MagPhos 0-55-18 fertilizer 1 lb.
MagPhos 0-55-18 fertilizer 1 lb.

MagPhos 0-55-18 fertilizer 1 lb.

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MagPhos is very soluble. MagPhos can be diluted up to 400 gram / liter (at 20oC) without problems. MagPhos dissolves completely. MagPhos is low in chloride and does not contain sulphates. Especially in situations where an acidifying fertilizer is needed and in situations where high amounts of sulphates need to be avoided MagPhos is a great fertilizer to use. Soluble phosphorus, potassium and magnesium fertilizer for hydroponics, fertigation, nutrigation, foliar sprays and compound fertilizer mixtures.
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MagPhos 0-55-18 with 4.2% magnesium 1 pound jar

Get Optimum Magnesium With MagPhos Now!

Introducing MagPhos 0-55-18, the solution for crops in development stages with a high magnesium need. It's an excellent alternative to MKP and magnesium nitrate while providing close to a complex fertilizer effect. Plus, it is low in chloride and sulfate-free! 

  • Ideal for crops in their early stages of growth
  • Provides a crucial source of magnesium
  • Suitable substitute for traditional fertilizers such as MKP 
  • Helps you meet crop requirements effectively

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