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  6. Magnesium Sulfate 1 lb.
Magnesium Sulfate 1 lb.
Magnesium Sulfate 1 lb.

Magnesium Sulfate 1 lb.

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Gile's Magriculture brand Magnesium Sulfate ( MgSO4 ) is another staple of any good fertilizer nutrient formula. With 9.5% magnesium and 12.5% sulfate. One gram in one gallon of water yeilds 25 ppm magnesium and 33 ppm sulfur. Exceptional purity and safety
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Magnesium Sulfate fertilizer 1 lb. 

High-Yield Crops With Magnesium Sulfate

Are you looking for the secret to achieving a thriving garden or farm? Look no further than Gile's Magriculture brand Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4). This powerhouse nutrient is a staple in any top-performing fertilizer formula, boasting a whopping 9.5% magnesium and 12.5% sulfate. Just one gram mixed into a gallon of water yields an impressive 25 ppm magnesium and 33 ppm sulfur, making it an exceptional source for your plant's essential needs.

Exceptional purity and safety

  • This agricultural-grade magnesium sulfate heptahydrate (MgSO4•7H2O) is an extremely soluble and bioavailable source of magnesium and sulfur for the health of animals and plants. For plants:
  • Contains essential plant nutrients: magnesium and sulfur •Optimum solubility needed to make true clear solutions and compatible with other soluble nutrients
  • Ideal source for all Fertigation Systems: center pivot, micro-jet, drip-trickle and foliar spray applications
  • Magnesium is critical as a central element in the chlorophyll molecule to capture energy from the sun and convert it to plant sugars via photosynthesis
  • Magnesium is especially required in sandy soils, soils with low CEC, for crops with high Mg demand and in situations of high applications of ammonium-N and/or potassium
  • Magriculture_Fact Sheet.pdf
  • Magnesium Sulfate MSDS
  • Magriculture OMRI Certificate.pdf
  • Magriculture Specification Sheet
  • Sold as one pound in reclosable plastic container
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