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MasterBlend 0-20-42 Cannabis Bloom Formula 25 lb.
MasterBlend 0-12-24 Cannabis Bloom Formula 25 lb.

MasterBlend 0-20-42 Cannabis Bloom Formula 25 lb.

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MasterBlend 0-22-42 Cannabis Bloom fertilizer is well-suited for for both soil based and hydroponic growing. Ideal for commercial indoor and greenhouse grown cannabis and hemp in the flowering(budding) stage! As with all of our water-soluble formulas, our 0-12-24 completely dissolves in water with no fallout and WILL NOT clog sprayers or automated fertilizer delivery systems.
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MasterBlend 0-20-42 complete with trace elements 
Cannabis Bloom Formula (replaces 0-12-24)

Maximize your bud growth potential with MasterBlend Cannabis Bloom Fertilizer, containing crucial micronutrients for optimal development!

Discover the secret to abundant, healthy buds with MasterBlend Cannabis Bloom Formula - the ultimate solution for maximizing your growth potential.

Ensure your cannabis plants bloom to their fullest potential with our MasterBlend 0-20-42 Cannabis Bloom Formula, a water-soluble fertilizer designed specifically for cannabis cultivation. This high-purity blend not only offers the essential phosphorus and potassium needed during the flowering stage but also comes complete with vital micro-nutrients to support overall plant health. Ideal for all continuous liquid feed programs and hydroponic systems, it promises an efficient and robust solution for cannabis growers seeking lush, vibrant growth.

Boost Your Cannabis Growth with MasterBlend's High Purity Bloom Formula & Hydroponic Solutions!

• Superior Growth Potential - MasterBlend's 0-20-42 complete with trace elements provides the perfect balance of essential nutrients for your cannabis plants to thrive and reach their full potential.
• Enhanced Bloom - Say goodbye to outdated 0-12-24 formulas, MasterBlend's Cannabis Bloom Formula replaces it with a more effective 0-20-42 blend specifically designed for cannabis growth.
• Versatile Use - Suitable for all continuous feeding programs and hydroponic systems, this water-soluble fertilizer is easy to use and ideal for making concentrated stock solutions for automatic fertilizer injection.

Boost your cannabis harvest with MasterBlend's water soluble bloom formula - designed for all hydroponic systems and continuous feeding programs!

• Achieve Maximum Yields - With MasterBlend's 0-20-42 bloom formula, you can take your cannabis harvest to the next level. Its high purity and water solubility make it ideal for continuous feeding programs, ensuring your plants get the nutrients they need to produce abundant, healthy buds.
• Suitable for All Systems - Whether you're using drip feed or a hydroponic system, MasterBlend's water soluble formula is compatible with all types of setups. This means you can rely on it to consistently deliver the nutrients your plants require for optimal growth.
• Cost Effective Solution - Save money and hassle by using MasterBlend's bloom formula as part of your fertilizer regimen. Its high solubility allows you to easily create concentrated stock solutions, making it an ideal choice for automatic fertilizer injection systems. With all essential micronutrients in the Bloom Formula, you are free to use your preferred source of calcium nitrate and magnesium sulfate.

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