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Netafim Spinet Micro Sprinkler, Red/Blue
Netafim Spinet Micro Sprinkler, Red/Blue

Netafim Spinet Micro Sprinkler, Red/Blue

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SpinNet red-blue

When irrigating upside-down in greenhouses or net-houses or tunnels, SpinNet™ bridgeless micro-sprinklers give you uniform water distribution and no drip-off, for perfectly uniform crop yields.

code: R-R-BL 

description: SpinNet Red Mist Control, Red Body, Blue Spinner w/Check Valve 

model number: 0355120070BL-B 

flow rate: 18.4 gallons per hour

High and uniform yield

Superior water distribution uniformity for full coverage

irrigation. Achieved thanks to the unique design of the

SpinNet micro-sprinkler. With a variety of rotors and

nozzles that provide different flow rates, and different

water profiles to fit completely the plant needs

Shadow-less operation - Assure a uniform irrigation

even below the emitter itself

Keep your crop from drips damage

Drip-less micro-sprinkler - SpinNet is designed as a

bridge-free micro-sprinkler, preventing drips on the

plants located below in a upside-down irrigation to

avoid plant damages

Controlled start & stop operation – With the

Reliable anti-drain (AD) valves, all the SpinNet microsprinklers, start and stop simultaneously, and prevent

distribution pipe drainage and dripping

Durability and low maintenance

High quality & resistant. Made of a highest quality

material makes it durable and resistant. The

integration of acid resistant plastics enables the use of

acid treatment, standard agrochemicals and nutrients

Easy to maintain - The components are

interchangeable. Flushing for maintenance can

be done easily. The SpinNet components can be

disassembled manually, no tools needed

SKU: NF0355120070BLB
Model Number: 0355120070BL-B

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