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PHOTOBIO T 330W 100-277V S4 +10' 120V Cord
PHOTOBIO T 330W 100-277V S4 +10' 120V Cord

PHOTOBIO T 330W 100-277V S4 +10' 120V Cord

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PHOTOBIO•T high efficiency LED top light is designed for greenhouse and indoor applications. The slim design minimizes sun interference while providing greater access to the plant canopy. The ultra-effective commercial design utilizes a closed loop heat pipe cooling system to rapidly wick heat from diodes, providing superior heat dissipation and longevity. The high efficiency S4 spectrum provides ideal conditions for both human and plant health to deliver better working conditions and consistent crop quality. This fixture allows horticulture professionals increased performance and yields while maximizing ROI.

Product Specifications:
  • 858 umol/s Photon Flux @ 277V
  • 2.6 µmol/J Efficacy @ 277V
  • Ideal for sole source indoor and supplemental greenhouse applications
  • Thin linear top light design minimizes sun interference in greenhouses while providing better canopy access when applied indoors
  • Highly effective heat pipe cooling system provides superior heat dissipation
  • Precisely control photon output when paired with Autopilot PX series controller (PX2 and above)
  • Driver can be mounted remote
  • IP65 wet location rated protection against water and dust
  • 100-277V Driver range
  • DLC listed (H-3WMUH6G) and qualifies for utility rebates, which play a significant role in optimizing the cost effectiveness of a lighting project
SKU: PTB3330LS41
Model Number: 638104027687
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