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Potassium Silicate fertilizer 4 lb.
AgSil 16h 4 lb. Potassium silicate fertilizer

Potassium Silicate fertilizer 4 lb.

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Application of AgSil potassium silicate fertilizer improves leaf erectness, reduces susceptibility to powdery mildew, and improves photosynthesis efficiency. For hemp this can result in bigger, healthier plants and buds. Row crops, vine crops, ornamentals, and hydroponically grown plants can all benefit from potassium silicate supplementation.
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AgSil 16h Potassium Silicate Fertilizer - 4 lb. container

0-0-32 with 52.8% SiO2 Plant Beneficial Element

Unlock the Secret to Lush Plant Growth with Highly Effective Silicic Acid

Attention smart growers! Give your plants the ultimate boost with AgSil® potassium silicate. Maximize yields and supercharge your plants.

Elevate your cannabis cultivation with our Hydroponic grade Potassium Silicate fertilizer, now available in a convenient 4-pound re-closable container. This premium supplement is engineered to provide your plants with readily available silicic acid, crucial for strengthening cell walls and enhancing resilience against environmental stressors. By incorporating it into your feeding regime, you're not just nourishing your plants, you're arming them with the essential elements needed for vigorous growth and superior yields. Ideal for the discerning cannabis grower looking for that competitive edge.

Unleash Your Plants' Full Potential with AgSil® Potassium Silicate Fertilizer. Stronger Stems, Healthier Leaves, Bigger Yields. Try it Now!

  • Enhance Plant Structure - AgSil® Potassium Silicate helps to improve leaf erectness, reducing the risk of breakage and increasing overall plant stability. This is especially beneficial for plants like cannabis with heavy, resinous flowers. 
  • Boost Photosynthesis Efficiency - By providing essential minerals like silicon and potassium, AgSil® Potassium Silicate enhances photosynthesis in plants. This leads to healthier leaves and ultimately bigger yields. 
  • Easy Application - With our hydroponic grade water soluble formula, AgSil® Potassium Silicate can be easily applied through irrigation systems, foliar spraying, or even mixed into growing media. Try it now and see the results for yourself!

Boost Your Plants' Immunity with AgSil® 16H - Aids in Growth and Prevents Various Plant Diseases!

  • Achieve Larger, Healthier Plants - AgSil® Potassium Silicate Fertilizer delivers vital nutrients to your cannabis plants, resulting in improved growth and overall plant health. 
  • Prevent Lodging and Increase Yield - With the application of AgSil®, your plants will have stronger stems and reduced susceptibility to lodging, ultimately leading to a higher yield and more productive harvest. 
  • Suitable for Various Applications - Whether you are growing cannabis indoors, outdoors, or hydroponically, our hydroponic-grade water-soluble fertilizer is designed to meet the unique needs of your plants, resulting in improved photosynthesis efficiency and overall plant vitality.
  • This is a 1.6 weight ratio, hydrous potassium silicate powder with 32% K2O and 52.8% SiO2 and 14.8% H2O.
  • AgSil report
  • AAFPCO soluble silicon analysis 17.37% soluble silicon.
  • Potassium Silicate MSDS
  • Soluble Silicon; Its Role in Crop and Disease Management of Greenhouse Crops.pdf
  • 0.7 grams in one gallon of water yeilds 98ppm SiO2 or 46ppm Si, and 49ppm K
  • Never mix concentrated silica solutions with other concentrated fertilizers.
  • https://customhydronutrients.com/assets/images/downloads/pH 113 Enhances the Solubility of Potassium Silicate for Liquid.pdf
  • Dr. Daniel Fernandez's excellent BLOG post "Common questions about silicon in nutrient solutions" at his website: https://scienceinhydroponics.com/

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