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  6. Rexolin (Dissolvine) E-Mg-6 magnesium edta fertilizer 55 lb.
Rexolin (Dissolvine) E-Mg-6 magnesium edta fertilizer 55 lb.
Rexolin (Dissolvine) E-Mg-6 magnesium edta fertilizer 55 lb.

Rexolin (Dissolvine) E-Mg-6 magnesium edta fertilizer 55 lb.

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Rexolin 6% MgEDTA is a stable, water-soluble and non-dusting magnesium chelate, for agriculture and horticulture use as foliar feed.
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Magnesium EDTA 6% is a product developed for usage on magnesium deficient crops through foliar application. Magnesium EDTA 6% can also be combined with water soluble compound (NPK) fertilizers. Magnesium EDTA 6% contains 62 grams Magnesium per kg of product as Mg-disodium-EDTA derived from ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid.

 Foliar Application Foliar feeding provides a rapid response and is recommended when fast correction is necessary. Repeated applications are necessary. For improving leaf coverage it is advisable to add a wetting agent, efficacy may be further increased by adding urea. Dissolve the product to a suitable concentration, and apply with spraying equipment. The pH of final concentration should be 6-6.5, final EC lower than 1. Dose rates for a specific crop should be tested first on a small scale. Repeat the application after 2 weeks. Magnesium EDTA 6% can be applied in the vegetative phase as well as in the generative phase. Do not apply during blooming. To reduce the risks of leaf scorching avoid application during hot, sunny days. Treatments in the early morning are preferred.


Mixing Add the required amount of product to a half filled sprayer tank, then complete the filling process. Ensure that sprayer nozzles are adequate for 200-1000 liters water/ha. Use the higher volume under dry conditions, when treating larger crops and at dense foliage.


Main characteristics - Solubility in water: 900 g/l (20 ºC) - EC (1 g/l): 0.42 mS/cm - Chloride free

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