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Sul-po-mag standard mini-granule 50 lb.
K-mag standard mini granule 50 lb bag

Sul-po-mag standard mini-granule 50 lb.

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Intrepid Trio®. Higher Yields. Better Quality. All Natural. Intrepid Trio is 100% natural langbeinite, a unique mineral with three essential nutrients in every granule. Trio provides a long-lasting, readily available source of low-chloride potassium, magnesium and sulfur ideal for fruit, vegetable and row crops grown in magnesium-deficient soils. Trio is certified Safe Feed/Safe Food, OMRI-listed and approved for organic farming.
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Sul-po-mag Standard mini-granule, 50 pound bag

High Performance FertilizerSul-po-mag Standard supplies three vital plant nutrients—potassium, magnesium and sulfur (22% K20, 10.8% Mg and 22% S).

Sulfate of Potash Magnesia, allows growers to apply an extremely low chloride potassium (less than 1.0-3.0% Cl depending on grade) and neutral pH fertilizer with the benefit of sulfur and magnesium in the same ratio in each granule. OMRI Listed and approved for organic farming.

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