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Tape Loc x .400 Barb (series 06)
Tape Loc x .400 Barb (series 06)

Tape Loc x .400 Barb (series 06)

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This fitting is used to connect 5/8" drip tape to mainline tubing. Simply punch a hole in the mainline tubing, connect the drip tape to the tape end of the fitting and insert the barbed end into the punched hole.
Part Number: LSB400
Availability: 1000 In Stock.

The LSB400 has a very large barb to allow for a higher flow of water. The barb is too big to fit into 1/2" tubing and can only be used with 3/4" or larger tubing or 1" or larger rigid pipe.

Use the PU400NEW punch to make the proper size hole for the large barb on this fitting.

This fitting allows a flow of 160 GPH at 10 PSI.

If installing into PVC pipe or rigid poly tubing the .400" Grommet (GROM) must also be used. Drill a 9/16" hole in 1" or larger pipe, insert the grommet into the hole then insert the fitting into the grommet.

Model Number: A1-T5B400A
UPC: 8023058304649

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