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  6. Wollastonite natural calcium silicate 20 lb.
Wollastonite natural calcium silicate 20 lb.
Wollastonite natural calcium silicate 20 lb.

Wollastonite natural calcium silicate 20 lb.

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Wollastonite, a natural calcium silicate mineral, is unique among soil amendments as a source of silicon and carbon-neutral calcium. VANSIL wollastonite is sourced from a Vanderbilt Minerals deposit and processing facility in northern New York state. It is the only OMRI certified wollastonite mined and milled in the United States. It is not a slag by product.
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Natural Calcium Silicate


Use as an alternative to lime and to provide Plant Available Silicon and Calcium in your soilless potting mixes.

For best results, apply wollastonite according to soil test results and agronomic recommendations. Application rates will vary according to plant requirements and soil conditions. Consider calcium and magnesium requirements in addition to silicon supplementation when using this product as part of a balanced fertility program

Horticultural Applications


Add 6 to 10 pounds of wollastonite per cubic yard of soilless mix (1/4 cup per gallon)

Home Gardens:

Add 1 cup of wollastonite per metre of row at seeding. Use 2 tsp. to 1/3 cup of wollastonite per plant at transplanting. Topdress plants with 2 tsp. of wollastonite weekly or bi-weekly.

Market Gardens/Field Vegetables:

 Spring or fall application; incorporation is recommended. Apply at 1.5 to 4 mT/ac. Sandy soils, soils low in organic matter; cucurbits and brassicas will respond to higher rates.

Typical Chemical Analysis (calculated as oxides)

Calcium Oxide (CaO) 45% Calcium (Ca)   34%
Silicon Dioxide (SiO2)  50%

Total Silicon (Si) 24%

Soluble Silicon(AAPFCO 5 day method) 3.6%

Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3)   0.7% Magnesium Oxide (MgO)   1.5%
Iron Oxide (Fe2O3)   0.2% Sodium Oxide (Na2O)   <0.1%
Manganese Oxide (MnO)   <0.1% pH of a 10% slurry 10-11


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