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APF SoluGreen, Ammonium Sulfate (21-0-0) 50 LB

  • Model: Ammonium Sulfate 50 LB
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SoluGreen (21-0-0 with 24% sulfate) water soluble ammonium sulfate fertilizer

SoluGreen is double screened, creating a very uniform SGN (approximately 100) with the lowest heavy metal content. We use only virgin oleum sulfuric acid in the manufacturing process, which makes our product extremely soluble as compared to cheaper spent or merchant grade sulfuric acid products. That is why SoluGreen has the lowest heavy metal content in the industry. Organics are removed before SoluGreen crystallizes, resulting in a non foaming product.

This very fine water soluble NITROGEN and SULFUR fertilizer can be used on areas where you already have high levels of phosphorus and potassium. This fertilizer can be used on Lawns, Gardens, Flowers, Shrubs, Hedges, and Trees. Listed below are general guidelines for using our SOLUGREEN AMMONIUM SULFATE.

1 Cup = 0.5 Lbs. ♦1 Quart = 2 Lbs.♦ 1 Gallon = 8 Lbs.


apply 5-7 lbs per 1000 square feet. Topdress and water in 4-5 lbs per 1000 square feet every 8-10 weeks as needed during the growing season. To avoid fertilizer burn, never apply the fertilizer to wet grass and always water in after the application. This greens grade fertilizer is very fine and you will need to calibrate your spreader. Start out by setting your spreader to only 20 percent of maximum opening and see how many square feet 5 lbs covers, then adjust accordingly. Many turf managers apply this product dissolved in water. With this method you must apply at a much lower nitrogen rate due to the fact that fertilizer is a salt and can cause severe burning if over applied especially during hot temperatures. Most have been applying around 0.2 lbs of actual N per 1000 square feet every 14-21 days. For example if 50 lbs of Solugreen is dissolved in 100 gallons of water, then applying 1.9 gallons per 1000 square feet would equal 0.2 lbs of actual Nitrogen. With this foliar method, use at your own risk!. Always irrigate with sufficient water to reduce the possibility of fertilizer injury. Avoid application during mid day when temperatures are high.


In the spring apply and incorporate just before planting 10 lbs per 1000 square feet of Solugreen Fertilizer. Topdress and water in another 4-5 lbs per 1000 square feet of Solugreen Fertilizer four to five weeks later on high nitrogen crops such as corn, potatoes, and onions. However, do not topdress your tomatoes, squash, watermelons, and especially beans.


Apply 0.5 pounds per 100 square feet (10 X 10 feet) and work well into soil before planting. Apply an additional 0.5 pound per 100 square feet every 12 weeks, mixing lightly with topsoil, making sure not to disturb the roots. Water thoroughly after each fertilizer application. SHRUBS AND HEDGES: Apply in the spring, after danger of a killing frost is past, 0.5 pounds per 100 square feet (10 X 10 feet) and work lightly into the soil, making sure not to disturb the roots. Water thoroughly after application. Repeat this application in early summer.


For an under the tree limb surface fertilizer application, apply 0.5 pounds per inch of the trunk’s diameter. Measure the trunk diameter five feet from the ground. Apply this fertilizer rate in early spring and again in late summer. 

Hydroponics/Drip Irrigation:

May be used as a source of amonium and sulfur as a component in a complete nutrient formula. Please Use in accordance with recommendations of a qualified individual or institution such as, but not limited to, a certified crop advisor, agronomist, university crop extension publication, or apply according to recommendations in your approved nutrient management plan.

One gram in one gallon of water yields approx: 56 ppm Ammonium Nitrogen and 64 ppm sulfate.

Elemental concentration range in common nutrient solutions:

Nitrogen: 70-250ppm  Sulfur: 20-200ppm


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