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Xtreme Gardening, Azos 6 oz.

  • Model: Xtreme Gardening, Azos 6 oz.
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Azos (Azospirillum Brasilense XOH), 6 ounces

Natural Plant Biostimulant, Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria

Azos (Azospirillum Brasilense XOH) is the world's most powerful nitrogen-fixing bacteria. First discovered by researchers in the Amazon Rainforest, Reforestation Technologies International has since cultured these beneficial microbes into an agressive, high-potency inoculant which provides tremendous benefits to plants.

Azos will not only boost root structure growth, prevent transplant shock, and act as a catalyst, sparking the secretion of IAA (Indole-3 Acetic Acid) and other natural plant growth promoting hormones, but Azos will also eliminate the need for chemical fertilizer.

Azos transform plants into lightning rods for nitrogen fixation, allowing them to ingest up to 70% of their nitrogen needs straight from the atmosphere. No longer are hi-output growers on their hands and knees bowing down to the market's chemical dependence, applying and reapplying chemical fertilizer, but now they are free to access the bounty of Mother Nature herself. There is a nearly-inexhaustable amount of nitrogen floating around your plants at any one moment. Azos give your plants the ability to harness this natural nitrogen source (the air we and plants both breathe) and utilize it to keep crops healthy, naturally, through a biologically-enhanced crop maintanence routine.

Key Benefits Provided by Azos:

  • Extract Nitrogen Fom the Air and Feed It to Your Plants Accelerate and Extend Root System Growth (up to 300%)
  • Increase Disease, Drought, and Stress Tolerance Give Plants the Ability to Thrive in Nutrient Poor Soils Quickly-
  • Inoculate for Immediate Results (Comparable to a Tea)
  • Increase Resistance to Root Shock Eliminate Nitrogen Leaching Into Groundwater (No more algae blooms and dead zones)

The amount of Nitrogen plants absorb are limited by 3 constraints:

  1. The nitrogen levels present in the soil or host medium.

  2. The size and structure of the root system that the plant has to "mine" nutrients.

  3. The “availability” of the nitrogen present in the soil or host medium (whether or not it’s in a form plants can “ingest”)

Azos overcome all of these restrictions by delivering larger root systems, biodynamic soil structure, and a new source of completely-ingestable nitrogen -- the air plants breathe! In agriculture, aproximately 90% of the total fossil fuel energy consumed is from nitrogen fertilizer. Transportation to the mill consumes aproximately 25-30% of the total energy and field preparation consumes another 13%. Consequently, minimizing fertilizer inputs by utilizing Azos, would result in the greatest possible decrease in fossil energy use and its associated green house gas emissions.

Azos are also applied with the sole purpose of saving money. Besides their ability to drastically-reduce carbon emissions, Azos also save money that would normally be spent on nitrogen fertilizer. Azos help not only to improve the environment, but also to improve the size of your wallet and the yield of your crop.

Although Azos have similar benefits to Mykos, Azos divide faster. Azos' many positive effects can be seen in only four days, while Mykos can take up to two weeks before forming an association with plant roots. Azos use an amino acid to set the trigger, increasing root girth, length, hair growth and lateral root growth, thereby increasing overall plant growth.

Although Azos can do this alone, combined, Azos and Mykos have proven to be more powerful. In nature, Azos and Mykos occur together in the soil and have evolved to work together to ensure host plants survive through harsh conditions and thrive in normal conditions. Together these organisms do things for a plant which neither can do alone; more than symbiotic -- they’re synergistic.



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