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BioAg VAM-Endo Mix, kg

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BioAg VAM-Endo Mix, 1 kilogram

Reduce transplant stress and establish protection from potential disease pressure with Vam-Endo Mix. This mix is specially formulated by BioAg and dramatically improves the surface area of a plant's root mass leading to increased nutrient- and water-absorbing capabilities. VAM includes seven specially selected species of endo mycorrhizae with a heavy dose of the very aggressive Glomus intraradices. It also contains beneficial biologicals, such as BioAg’s superior humic powder, to guarantee the vigor and proliferation of the fungi. VAM contains only endo mycorrhizae. Grown in vivo (cultured on plant roots).

VAM Endo-MixTM

  • 7 species of Granular Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, resulting in superior plant and root growth. 

  • Use in a variety of applications including dry broadcast for turf and farms or add to liquid for hydroponic, irrigation, and hand-watering applications. 

  • Use for seed treatments, clones/cuttings, and fortification after making compost tea. Grown In Vivo.

  • No Trichoderma.

  • BioAg_VAM_FAQ.pdf

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