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Biomin Boron Powder

Biomin Boron Powder fertilizer labelBiomin Boron Powder 15%

Amino Acid Chelated Boron Fertilizer

Biomin® Boron is a bioavailable plant nutrient that prevents the inactivation of boron from occurring.
It has an amino and organic acid shell that protects the boron from interaction with other chemicals normally found in the environment. Once it is inside the plant, the shell releases the boron and the plant uses the remaining amino acids as a slow release source of nitrogen.
Since the nitrogen is slow release, and present in small amounts, it does not produce unwanted vegetative growth after the flower stage.
  • Quickly corrects boron deficiency
  • Improves flowering and fruit set
  • Reduces fruit cracking and splitting
  • Aids sugar accumulation in fruit
  • Certified organic
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