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TerraGrow from Biosafe

4 lb, 10 lb, or 25 lb buckets

Commercial strength concentrate – get what the professionals use!

A thriving garden begins with TerraGrow!

Use TerraGrow at planting to reduce transplant shock, promote healthier roots, and increase plant vigor. By using TerraGrow throughout the growing season, you will give them the success they need to flourish and grow

TerraGrow easily mixes into a solution and can be applied as a spray or media drench.
Ideal for fruits, vegetables, shrubs, ground covers, flowering plants, lawns, trees, and hydroponics applications!


6 Strain Formula


Bacillus licheniformis – facultative anaerobe, releases soil bound nutrients

Bacillus subtilis – facultative anaerobe, releases soil bound nutrients, very good enzyme producer

Bacillus pumilus – releases soil bound nutrients, growth promoter

Bacillus amyloliquefaciens – facultative anaerobe, releases soil bound nutrients, very good enzyme producer

Bacillus megaterium – very fast grower, releases soil bound nutrients (especially phosphorous)



Trichoderma harzianum – very good at cycling nutrients such as breaking down dead and decaying plant materials to make the nutrients available for the living plants


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