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Botanical Pesticides in Agriculture Anand Prakash, Jagadiswari R

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Botanical Pesticides in Agriculture

Anand Prakash, Jagadiswari Rao

November 18, 1996 by CRC Press 
Reference - 480 Pages 
ISBN 9780873718257 - CAT# L825


  • Section A presents a review of the insecticidal, antifeedant, repellent, and insect growth regulator properties of 866 higher plant products used against agricultural insect pests.
  • Section B presents 150 plant products found to be toxic to nematodes of agricultural importance.
  • Section C presents 30 plant products toxic to mites, 13 plant products toxic to molluscs, and 20 plant products toxic to rodents.
  • Section D presents 250 biologically active chemical components in a tabular format, featuring their chemical grouping, biological activity, and the plant from which the chemicals were isolated.


Due to the prohibitive cost of synthetic pesticides and the problems of environmental pollution caused by continuous use of these chemicals, there is a renewed interest in the use of botanicals for crop protection. Agricultural entomologists, nematologists, and pathologists the world over are now actively engaged in research into the use of plants to fight agricultural pests and diseases, and to reduce the losses caused by them. 
Botanical Pesticides in Agriculture reviews the research on botanical pesticides used to combat losses due to pests of agricultural importance, with special attention focused on the use of higher plants. This book will serve as the baseline reference work for future research, and many of the botanicals discussed, such as neem, bael, begonia, pyrethrum, tobacco, karanj, and mahuwa, may become integral parts of pest control programs currently being developed. It is believed that botanical pesticides will minimize the undesirable side effects of synthetic pesticides and help preserve the environment for future generations.

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