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ODC™ Super Concentrate, 18 fl. oz

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ODC™ Super Concentrate, 18 fl. oz.

Organic Plant Solution,  concentrated colloidial chitosan

Water soluble organic shellfish extract for foliar spray and hydroponics.

This 18 fl oz container of ODC super concentration level provides for a significant price discount due container size and saves shipping costs.


ODC orangic Super Concentrate is our highest concentrated colloidial chitosan from liquid shellfish extract.

This product is all natural and is pesticide-free. Drived from aquatic materials (chitin). Meets USDA Organic  Standards for organic use. 
Treats: 5 acres  Mix Rate: 1 ml per 5 gallons
Since 1997 -  Proven effective by NASA & USDA, corporate researchers, agricultural universities, farmers, land owners and growers worldwide
Derived from natural shellfish materials (chitin) - a hemeopathic product for home and garden. Use indoor and outdoor.  Contains natural a form of nitrogen (.28%). Improves soil, increases nutrient uptake and overcomes environment stress.
  • Broad spectrum bioactivation - works on all species in the plant kingdom
  • Pre-arm / Protect / Restore plants trees, lawns, gardens and the environment
  • Apply to soil - mixes in water (1 ml per 5 gallons)
  • Meest USDA Natural Organic Standards - Qualified for Organic use.


Bedding Plants, Flowers & Ornamentals

  • Mix rate: 1 ml into 5 gallons
  • Apply area 5000 sq. ft. or more, apply every two weeks as needed
  • Apply to soil and/or foliar spray on plant foliage, apply additional water to soil as needed
  • May be applied by means or irrigation or foliar sprayer


  • Coat seeds with 95 ml per acre

Trees and shrubs

  • Mix rate 1 ml product into 5 gallons, apply every 30-45 days as needed to soil
  • May be applied by means of sprayer, apply additional water to soil as needed

Aeroponics & Hydroponic Resevoirs

  • Mix rate: 1ml per 5 gallons of working solution, use as a fertilizer additive 

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