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Ferti-Neem Oil 1 gallon


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  • Manufactured by: Ferti-Organic


Ferti-Neem Oil

OMRI Listed organic Ferti-Neem Oil is a highly pure oil cold-extracted from organic neem seed kernels without the use of heat, chemicals, or petrochemicals. The cold press extraction is done through a temperature control process with zero ingredient loss. Due to its fatty acid content Ferti-Neem Oil will begin to solidify at or below 53ºF.

It is effective against insecticide-resistant pests and yet does not harm beneficial insects. Additionally, Ferti-Neem Oil active ingredient, azadirachtin, works by inhibiting the development of immature insects. Ferti-Neem Oil possesses germicidal and anti-bacterial properties which are useful to protect the plants from a variety of pests. One of the most important advantages of Ferti-Neem Oil versus its synthetic counterparts is the fact that it does not leave any residue on the plants.

Benefits Include:

•        Environmentally friendly, Non-toxic
•        Ideal for soil based insect control
•        Instead of killing pests, it affects the life cycle of the pests
•        Anti-feedant properties found in Ferti-Neem Oil help to protect plants
•        Pests generally do not develop a resistance to Ferti-Neem Oil
•        Acts as pest repellent and reproduction controller

•        MSDS

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Azadirachtin A

Azadirachtin B

Azadirachtin (A+B)



3,000 ppm

1,687.1 ppm

1,391.5 ppm

3,078.6 ppm

Iodine   67

Moisture & Insolubles


  0.16% w/w
Saponification   195















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