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Ferti-Nitro Plus, Four pound

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Ferti-Nitro Plus Plant Nitrogen 13-0-0


Ferti-Nitro Plus is water soluble powder produced enzymatically without the use of chemicals or animal by-products. Derived from non-GMO soy protein with a guaranteed minimum of 13.62% plant available nitrogen ideal for nitrogen deficient crops and with a high amino acid content of 80%.

Ferti-Nitro Plus is a non-toxic, non-polluting, and vegan plant nutrient. Recommended for organic agriculture use and as a chemical-free fertilizer perfect for environmentally friendly practices.


Suitable for all crops and applications including field crops, potting soil, vegetable and flower gardens, orchards and turf grass.

BENEFITS of Ferti-Nitro soluble amino acid nitrogen fertilizer.

  • Highly and quickly absorbed in plants
  • Supplies organic plant nitrogen, peptides and amino acids
  • Highly improves the transportation of minerals
  • Enhances growth in numbers including flowers and fruiting
  • Natural product with no environmental impact
  • Handling does not require special equipment or gear
  • Enzyme hydrolysis produces a smaller particle size giving FN Plus its highly soluble nitrogen.
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Ferti-Nitro Plus Amino Acid Profile
Alanine--9.75 Arginine--6.52
Aspartic Acid--5.72 Cysteine--2.53
Glutamic Acid--11.22 Glycine--12.22
Histidine--0.96 Isoleucine--2.62
Leucine--3.24 Lysine--3.32
Methionine--1.28 Phenylalanine--2.25
Proline--9.16 Tryptophan--0.15
Serine--3.22 Threonine--2.83
Tyrosine--1.23 Valine--2.66



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