Soluble Fulvic Acid, one pound

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Soluble Fulvic Acid, one pound


 Soluble Fulvic Acid is derived from plants and is extracted through fermentation without the use of any chemicals producing at minium 69% of organic fulvic content.

Soluble Fulvic Acid derived from peat, arbor, sweet sorghum straw, plant and/or vegetable scraps and is attained through a very specialized process that makes it unique in the world of humic substances. Its advantages include long-term and stable source of nutrients to plants and soil microorganisms. Additionally, it provides the soil with better structure allowing it to store air and water longer. Ideal for irrigation and water penetration and does not interfere with calcium making it safer to apply on low calcium soils.

Soluble Fulvic Acid chelates trace elements, such as iron, zinc, manganese, copper. Its capacity to penetrate the plants stoma allows the leaf to accept nutrients very rapidly making it idyllic for foliar applications as well.

APPEARANCE: brown/yellow powder

Non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and does not cause skin irritation.


EFFECT ON PLANTS: Stimulates the whole plant grow;

Accelerates the production of nucleic acids;

Enhances photosynthesis and respiration;

Improves the absorption and mobility of nutrients;

Fertilizer @ 500 ppm                                                   Fertilizer 500 ppm + Fulvic Acids 150 ppm

fertilizer @ 500 ppmFertilizer 500 ppm + Fulvic Acids 150 ppm 



  • Increases micro flora up to 2000 times in 15 days
  • Increases total cationic exchange
  • Makes aggregates in soil produce better oxygenated penetration
  • The nutrients will remain in solution thanks to its sequestering and colloidal properties.



Fulvic Content:

> 69%

Humic Content:

> 6%

Nitrogen (N):


Phosphorous (P):


Potassium (K):




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