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Ful-Humix, 50 pound


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Ful-Humix is a new concept in humic acid fractionation produced by utilizing a dry extraction to increase and concentrate the low weight humics, which contain the active fraction that provides physiological stimulation to all cells. The end product, Ful-Humix is a highly concentrated humic acid source that's soluble and ready for today's crops. Raw humate is dusty, freight is expensive, the application can be difficult, and it takes many months to work. Just a few pounds of Ful-Humix per acre (2-10) can replace many tons of compost. The highly concentrated and easy to handle granular form makes it perfect for export.

Ful-Humix is a inexpensive soil activator that increases cellular activities at all levels. Increases availability of nutrients, converts raw organic matter faster and stimulates microbes.Yield increases are common when treating many types of problem soils. Humic acids are vital to normal plant growth including pest resistance. Humisolve provides a quick source of available humic extract of the right type to do the job in an economical way.

Humic acids have been proven to detoxify the cell and in the root system reduce the uptake of these elements. This is a major boost to irrigated areas with salt problems. Soils in some tropical areas are acidified and contain large amounts of aluminum. Humisolve can prevent the toxic effects of this and other metals on plant growth.

Humic acid buffers the soil and the plant with an organic colloids bio-polymer that prevent tie up caused by chemical salts reacting in an inorganic form.




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