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Grow-Sil biogenic silica 99.9%

Grow-Sil Benefits

Grow-Sil is a pure natural silica product. Silica provides many benefits to plants. The main benefits for all types of plants are:


  • Strengthens cell walls
  • Improves uptake of important microbes, nutrients and water
  • Protects plants from fungal diseases
  • Creates a matrix for nutrients at the plant root
  • Promotes greener leaves and stronger stems to improve photosynthesis and increase yields
  • Protects plants from stress


Grow-Sil has unique qualities that make it the best choice for providing needed silica to all types of plants: indoor, outdoor, soil and hydroponic.


  • Biogenic 99.9% pure natural silica
  • The highest concentration on the market
  • Eco-friendly production process that is energy efficient and doesn’t create any toxic waste by products
  • Sourced from rice hulls thus reducing landfilling and field burning
  • Rice hulls are abundant. Rice hulls are also a sustainable source, unlike other sources such as sea diatoms.
  • Only half as much Grow-Sil is needed for great results
  • Many products on the market are on 45% silica. Grow-Sil is 99.9% pure silica and contain no fillers or additives
  • Very high porosity
  • No heavy metals
  • Exceptional flowability
  • A neutral pH of 7.0


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