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Haifa Multi-K, Greenhouse Grade

Haifa Multi-K GG

Greenhouse grade potassium nitrate 13.5-0-46.2 (crystalline) – fully water soluble

POTASSIUM NITRATE is a high quality soluble Potassium Nitrate from the best source of Potassium fertilizer in the world, Haifa- Israel. Multi K POTASSIUM NITRATE is an ideal ratio of Nitrogen to Potassium for flowering or fruiting plants and is the pick for use in fertigation and hydroponic situations.

Multi-K potassium nitrate yields

  • Efficient plant nutrition
  • Stronger & healthier plants
  • Higher yields and better quality
  • Reduced effect of soil salinity
  • Water saving
  • Improved soil properties
  • Convenience in handling and application


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