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Haifa SOP™ GG 0-0-51, 55 pound bag

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  • Manufactured by: Haifa Fertilizers


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Haifa SOP™ GG for Nutrigation™ of all crops and for production of liquid fertilizers

55 pound bag

Haifa SOP dissolves rapidly

Haifa SOP  features high dissolution rate compared to other SOP products. At 20°C, typical quantity of
100kg per 1000 liter of water will dissolve in few minutes to yield a clear 10% solution, with virtually no
insoluble residues.

Haifa SOP is ideal for salt-sensitive crops

Haifa SOP contains very low levels of chloride, which makes it ideal fertilizer for crops which are sensitive
to this detrimental element. Haifa SOP, with its very low salt index (46 in index), is a recommended
source of potassium where there is a risk of salinity build-up and in intensive cultivation systems, both
protected and in open field.

Haifa SOP is rich in sulfur

Haifa SOP with its high sulfur content (18% S) is the fertilizer of choice for plants with high sulfur requirements,
such as oilseed rape, sunflower, cabbage, onion, leek, and others.

Haifa SOP decreases the pH in the stock solution


Haifa SOP is a nitrogen-free source of potassium

Haifa SOP provides nitrogen-free potassium, which allows growers to schedule fertilization programs that match crop needs during stages of reduced nitrogen requirements.

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