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Direct Injection HI10000

  • Manufactured by: Hanna Instruments

Hanna HI10000 Direct Injection

Directly inject fertilizer and acid without the need to mix in reservoirs. Program custom feed schedules for up to 32 rooms.  Dose up to 7 independent nutrients directly into irrigation lines. 

These systems are professionally installed by Hanna Instruments technicians with many customizable options.  
Hanna Instruments will directly handle the custom design work, shipment, installation, training, and routine service. 

Combined Fertigation and Irrigation Control.

The Hanna Fertigation System continuously measures the actual EC and pH of the flow-through and precisely adjusts the concentration of fertilizer into the system.

Injecting multiple fertilizers to a specific conductivity results in an optimum nutrient application while advanced pH control improves nutrient absorption and plant health.

For peace of mind, the HI10000 is a bypass system which will not interfere with mainline flow and thus does not impede line flow or pressure. No pressure loss generated by the system means less watering time. 

The unit will accurately inject fertilizer in varying flow rates ranging from 1 GPM to 350 GPM. Custom configuration is possible when higher flow rates are desired.


  • Superior System Design.

    The HI8000 series controller included with the system has 10 programs that allow the user to set various EC and pH values for a variety of crops.

    The system also controls up to 32 irrigation valves, either sequentially or in groups of 2, 3, or 4 at once. Programs can be triggered by time, external switching, or flow.

    To keep plants safe, the HI10000 fertigation system features multiple alarms and redundant monitoring of conductivity and pH measurements.


    Ideal for Complex or Multiple Fertilizer Mixes.

    The HI10000 system allows the injection of 4 (up to 7) independent fertilizers and 1 acid. The acid system can safely inject any acid type and uses a state of the art algorithm that accurately maintains the pH setpoint over a wide range of flow rates.






    pH Range



    0.0 to 14.0 pH



    pH Resolution                                                    



    0.1 pH



    pH Accuracy



    ±0.0546 pH






    EC Range



    0.0 to 10.0 mS/cm



    EC Resolution                                                               



    0.1 mS/cm



    EC Accuracy



    ±0.078 mS/cm




    Electrical Requirements



    Controller Power Requirements                      



    115V/220V; 50Hz/60Hz. 10 Amp, 4 outlet box recommended



    Circulator Pump Solenoid Array Power Requirements



    208/240, 3 phase, 30 Amp breaker



    Plumbing Requirements



    Pressure Requirement (PSI)



    Maintained at fixed pressure between 50 to 65 PSI



    Minimum Flow Rate



    1.0 GPM



    Maximum Flow Rate                                                                 



    350+ GPM (dependent on various factors)



    Pipe Type Recommendations



    Schedule 40 or 80 PVC



    Minimum Pipe Diameter Recommendation



    1.25 inch (1.0 inch for HI10000 (low flow))



    Straight Run Requirement



    10 diameters of straight run prior to system connection, 5 diameters after (downstream)



    Fertigator In/Out Connections



    2x8 bolt, 4-inch flange fitting with gaskets








    Typical Inputs



    3 Conductivity Probes, 2 pH Electrodes, 4 Fertilizer Tank Level, 1 pH Tank Level, 5 External   Tank Trigger, 1 Mix Tank Level, 2 Differential Pressure, 1 Irrigation Counter for Volume Control, 1 Temporary Break, 1 Conditional Stop



    Typical Outputs



    2 non-consent alarms, 32 zone valves, 2 filter flushing, 1 pump, 1 agitator, 4 independent fertilizer injectors, 1 pH injector



    Control Type



    Advanced Auto Tuning PID



    Max. Injector Suction



    Large Venturi = 780 l/h; Small Venturi = 280 l/h



    Irrigation Capacity



    32 Zones (24 VAC 0.5 Amp Solenoid Valves)



    Irrigation Control



    Time/Volume Control, 1 to 6 selectable timetables per program






    20-digit, 4 level LCD with graphic symbols and messages



    Program Method



    With keypad or through a PC using proprietary software






    Dual Alarm Settings for redundant shut down capability plus third external independent EC safety system



    Control Power Requirements



    115V/220V; 50Hz/60Hz, 5 Amp



    CirculatorPump/Solenoid Array Power Requirements



    208/240, 3 phase, 30 Amp Breaker



    Circulator Pump



    End Suction Centrifugal 208/240 VAC, 3 Phase, 1 to 2.0 HP (exact size dependent on design specifications)






    400 VA, 16 Amp Capacity, 208/240 - 24 VAC



    Electrical Panel Assembly



    Equipped with high voltage breaker arrays, 24 amp, pump motor starter with thermal protection, 32 fused zone contacts, EC safety system, electrically latched, thermal safety switch (at 40°C)






    L= 46.5 in. / W= 30.75 in. / 70.0 in.



    Operating Temperature



    40°F to 95°F Recommended


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