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About Us

Custom Hydro and customhydronutrients.com opened in September of 2010. We are located at 17262 Kodiak Road near Neosho Missouri.

Write a review on any product you have purchased and recieve a coupon for 10% off any order.

At customhydronutrients.com we specialize in dry fertilizer compounds that are completely soluble in water. Water wise precision fertigation and hydroponic solutions. 50 pound bags and full pallets.

 You will find the full selection in the index to the left under Dry, Water Soluble Hydroponic Fertilizers.

.We also stock a full range of pre-mixed water soluble fertlizers from Everris Peters Professional


If you want natural and organic fertilizers, we have in stock

  • OMRI Listed:


and many more OMRI and CDFA approved fertilizer inputs.

I highly recommend to you Ferti-Organic's Soluble Fulvic Acid and their Neem Cake. Which, at 1,000ppm Azadirachtin, 850ppm Nimbin and 1,500ppm Salanin, is the highest analysis neem meal we have seen.

Our selection of soluble silicon fertilizers includes new products such as:

  • Grow-Sil 99.9% Pure Amorphous Biogenic Silica, the highest purity bogenic silica available to growers today. 

  • PQ corp. Sil-MATRIX™ OMRI listed soluble potassium silicate, also known as AgSil 25. 

  • Growth Products SiTKO SA 0-7-17, with silicate, phosphite and salycilic acid

  • Growth Products Sil-Guard with silicate, phosphite and humic acid

  • Dyna-Gro Pro-Tekt potassium silicate fertilizer

​Browse our full selection of plant biostimulants, including humic and fulvic acidkelp/seaweedchitosan and beneficial microbes