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Started in September of 2010.

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At customhydronutrients.com we specialize in dry fertilizer compounds and pre-mixes that are completely soluble in water. Yaraliva calcium nitrateHaifa Multi-MKP mono-potassium phosphateGiles Magriculture magnesium sulfate, and PQ corporation's AgSil 16H potassium silicate are a few of our fertilizer salt compounds that you can use to mix your fertigation or hydroponic solution. Check out our Package Deals where you can save 10%.

We also stock a full range of pre-mixed water soluble fertlizers from Everris Peters Professional. Hydroponic Special 5-11-26Peat-lite Special 10-20-10, Peters Professional Blossom Booster 10-30-20 and others.

If you want natural and organic fertilizers, we have Ferti-Nitro 13-0-0,Soluble Seaweed extract 0-0-14CalPhos soft rock phosphate 0-3-0 and many more OMRI and CDFA approved fertilizer inputs.

I highly recommend to you Ferti-Organic's Soluble Fulvic Acid and theirNeem Cake. Which, at 1,000ppm Azadirachtin, 850ppm Nimbin and 1,500ppm Salanin, is the highest analysis neem meal we have seen.