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PeKacid, 55 pound bag

  • Model: PeKacid, 55 pound bag
  • Shipping Weight: 57lbs
  • Manufactured by: ICL


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ICl PeKacid™

The soft dream of every dripper.

Blockage-free irrigation with PeKacid™ 0-60-20 fertilizer

 Alkaline and hard irrigation waters are difficult to manage due to its high contents of bicarbonate, Ca and Mg which easily create insoluble compounds causing clogging of the irrigation system. Insoluble Ca and Mg compounds will not be formed if pH of irrigation water is kept continuously on the acidic side. Therefore farmers normally add acids to irrigation water in order to reduce water pH. The same result can be achieved by using PeKacid™, and no additional treatment with hazardous liquid acids is required any more.
 PeKacid™ provides acidity to neutralize and dissolve bicarbonates, thus avoiding the problem of scaling and clogging of pipes and drippers in the sensitive drip irrigation system. This will result in many benefits, like longer lifespan of the irrigation systems, uniform and efficient distribution of irrigation water and fertilizers, less work needed and reduction in acid requirements.

 PeKacid™ is a very efficient acidifier: its bicarbonate (HCO3-) neutralization force is 240, which means that a dose of 240 g PeKacid™ fully neutralizes 1 eq of HCO3- in 1 m3 water.

 When used in a concentrated form, PeKacid™ can also dissolve/disintegrate existing carbonate settlings originated from calcium carbonates or calcium and iron phosphates. Thus cleaning drip emiters and clearing irrigation lines of blockage.

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  • 42 x 55 pound bags on a full pallet

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