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NovaMAP, Mono Ammonium Phosphate, 55 pound bag
[NovaMAP 55#]


This review might be a little different from what you may have read in others. I grow crystals at home and I have come to depend on Nova MAP and Custom Hydronutrients for helping create some amazing things. I had been paying much more for less of a very low quality product. In one way I can see how the amazing purity of this product would help in or outdoor growers succeed. I am also very happy about other products (hydrated salts) that are known to produce beautiful crystals. Above and beyond the superior product I often procrastinate and order a little later than I should, but I have never been let down. IN fact I get my shipment so fast that I have it open and am working on getting a stable saturated solution right away. I will put my webpage on here that contains some instructions, thoughts on how to succeed, and also links to a variety of helpful sources. IT is just instructions and pictures although you could also go to IMUGR and search for "growing crystals at home" which would link you to albums showing pictures of excellent crystals grown with the help of this high quality product. The website: good luck in whichever way your endeavours lay.
Date Added: 02/12/2016 by terry b

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