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Kelp Meal & Soluble Seaweed Extract

Kelp meal and seaweed extracts are well-known plant and soil bio-stimulants.

Seaweeds are green, brown and red marine macroalgae. Extracts of brown seaweeds are widely used in horticulture crops largely for their plant growth-promoting effects and for their ameliorating effect on crop tolerance to abiotic stresses such as salinity, extreme temperatures, nutrient deficiency and drought. The chemical constituents of seaweed extract include complex polysaccharide, fatty acids, vitamins, phytohormones and mineral nutrients.

Acadian Seaplants, Fertrell, Wilbur Ellis, Lighthouse , Maxi Crop, Algamin kelp meals.

Ferti-Organic Soluble Seaweed Extract powder/flake. Kelp Bloom and Kelp Grow liquid mixes.

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