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K-Mag Standard , Mosaic brand

High Performance Fertilizer K-Mag® Standard supplies three vital plant nutrients—potassium, magnesium and sulfur (22% K20, 10.8% Mg and 22% S). It is an excellent source of non-chloride potassium, water soluble magnesium and non-acidifying sulfur. K-Mag Standard is an economical source of these nutrients particularly in direct soil application situations such as perennial plantation crops (banana, citrus, coffee, palm oil, rubber, tea, etc.). Its maximum chloride content is less than 2.5 percent, minimizing the potential for fertilizer "burn." It is widely used on sensitive vegetable and fruit crops that require high fertilization rates, but do not tolerate high levels of chloride or soluble salts. K-Mag Standard has a typical SGN of 85 and is often used as a source of potassium, magnesium and sulfur in granulated formulas (NPK+Mg+S). Agronomics Potassium is required for the uptake of nitrogen and synthesis of protein and starch. It also helps activate more than sixty enzymes, making them available to stimulate other chemical processes within the plant. Adequate potassium is essential for fruit formation, optimum yields and high quality. Magnesium activates a large number of enzymes in the plant and is also required for the synthesis of chlorophyll — the vital green pigment necessary for sugar manufacturing in plants. Sulfur activates a number of enzymes, is vital to the formation of amino acids, is crucial in the production of protein and is especially important to plants with high oil content.

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