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Fertilizer Concentrates & Compatibility


Some fertilizer materials interact to form insoluble compounds and precipitates when mixed together in one concentrated solution.
The precipitates fall out of solution, tying up the nutrients and making them unavailable to the plant. Possibly also causing clogs in the irrigation system.

For example, fertilizers containing calcium must not be mixed with fertilizers containing sulfates or phosphates in the same concentrated solution.

Ca(NO3)2 + K2SO4 = CaSO4 ↓
calcium nitrate + potassium sulfate = calcium sulfate (gypsum) precipitate

Haifa fertigation fertilizer compatibility table.


fertigation fertilizers compatibility table




For a comprehensive look at making fertilizer stock solutions download this pdf.

Nutrient Solutions for Greenhouse Crops

  • Geerten van der Lugt, Editor

Producers of fertilizers Yara, SQM and AkzoNobel, Laboratory Eurofins Agro, Research Institute NMI and consultant Geerten van der Lugt have combined forces to publish the manual “Nutrient Solutions for Greenhouse Crops”. They composed this manual in English to provide growers worldwide with up-to-date information on the correct use of nutrient solutions in  horticulture.   It describes the principles of use of fertilizers in fertigation and preparation of nutrient solutions. It also contains recipes of nutrient solutions for various horticultural crops, grown in soil, organic material or inert substrates. All nutrient solutions can be prepared using fertilizers supplied by Custom Hydro.

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