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Zone MS Molasses Crystals 50#bag

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Molasses Crystals, 50 pound bag

Zone MS Molasses Crystals 0-0-1 Soil Biostimulant

96% carbohydrate

Zone MS Crystals is a concentrated, totally natural occurring sugar complex. Because of the extremely small particle size and molecular arrangement, it is very water soluble in any reccomended liquid mix. Zone Molasses Crystals is a food-grade product that is Kosher approved. This product is a concentrated molasses sugar (carbohydrate complex) to increase performance of other Biological Products. By adding molasses crystals to the soil environment you are adding Active Carbon Compounds that are readily digested by the soil microbiology, helping the population of microbes to increase in numbers rapidly.
Zone MS Crystals has the advantages of two worlds:
  ~ it has an energy curve and mineralization of molasses and the cleanliness for bacteria, fungus and chemical growth inhibitors as dry crystal sugar complex.
It is a tempered heat processed product, not exceeding 35 - 43 degrees C, which allows it to make available the natural minerals and enzymes for plants, animals and bacteria.
  • OMRI listed
  • Made with Non-GMO cane sugar
  • No synthetic flavors, colors, fragrances or preservatives
  • Consistently sweet flavor, color and aroma
  • Uniform crystal size
  • no grain residue carrier agent, pure molasses crystals
  • Ample supply and quick order fill
  • Guaranteed % Carbohydrates: 96%
Application Rates
Soil and Crop Usage:
"Pop Up" Starter Mixes 0.56-1.12 kg/Hectare (8-16 oz./Acre)
Direct Foliar Sprays 0.75-1.68 kg/Hectare (10-24 oz./Acre)
Green Manure, Transplant Mix or Residue Spray 0.84-1.68 kg/Hectare (12-24 oz./Acre)
Liquid Nitrogen or Herbicide Mixes 0.56-0.84 kg/Hectare ( 8-12 oz./Acre)
Small Volume Mixing 1/8 - 1/4 Teaspoon/Gallon (0.5-1 gram/Gallon)
Compost Teas 1 level Tablespoon/Gallon (10-15 Grams/Gallon)
Livestock Usage: (START AT LOWER RATES)
Beef and Dairy Rations 3.2-4.5 kg/Metric Ton (7-10 Lbs./Ton)
Swine Rations 2.3-3.2 kg/Metric Ton (4-7 Lbs./Ton)
Energize Pits and Lagoons 14-23 kg/100,000 Gallons (35-50 Lbs./100,000 Gallons)


Mixing Instructions:

For all FOLIAR APPLICATIONS, CROP RESIDUE SPRAYS, TRANSPLANT SOLUTIONS and all other applications using water as a carrier follow the normal mixing procedure.

  2. Make desired pH adjustment...
  3. Add Molasses Crystals...
  4. Now add other components ass needed.


Handling & Storage:

Store in a dry location and at normal warehouse temperatures(optimum temperature 77 degrees F or less).


This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 20 April, 2016.

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