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Mono Ammonium Phosphate, one pound

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NovaMAP® mono-ammonium phosphate is produced in a state-of–the-art plant using an innovative process that was developed by Rotem- Amfert-Negev, Israel. The product contains 61% P2O5 and 12% N-NH4.


  • Fully water-soluble mono-ammonium phosphate fertilizer, ideal for use in fertigation, hydroponics and foliar applications.
  • Highly efficient source of phosphorus and nitrogen for soluble MPK's and liquid fertilizers.
  • Contains both nitrogen and phosphorus: nitrogen in the ammonium form (NH4+) and phosphorus is in the phosphate (H2PO4-) form. Both forms are available immediately to plants, suitable for rapid uptake by the crop.
  • High solubility(300 g/L at 10ºC, 464 g/L at 30ºC). Quickly dissolves to a clear solution good solubility.
  • Chloride and sodium free; eco-friendly: no heavy metals, without residual contaminants and hazardous residues.
  • Excellent physical properties, non hygroscopic and free flowing, white crystalline product, does not cake.
  • Moderately acidic fertilizer: pH 4.5( in aqueous solution of 1%) 


  • NovaMAP™ is high in P (61%), and therefore its main role is as a P fertilizer in fertigation programs. Can be used as the sole P source for the whole growth period for any crop.
  • It is specially recommended in the first stages of growth of plants, when the availability of P is critical for the establishment of root system. The high P solubility and availability of NovaMAP™ gives a fast response in the initial growth of crops.
  •  NovaMAP™ can also be used to provide P at other growth stages when P is important: at the pre-flowering stage ( to enhance the vigor of shoots and flowers) and at the fruit formation stage ( to improve fruit hardiness and shelf life).
  • Do not mix NovaMAP™ with Calcium and Magnesium fertilizers. NovaMAP™ should be kept in a different stock solution to avoid precipitation.
  • One gram in one gallon of water yeilds 32ppm Ammonium Nitrogen and 70ppm Phophorus.
  • Produced at: Rotem Amfert Negev
  • MSDS_MAP.pdf
  • NovaMAP english.pdf
  • We buy in bulk and repackage in one pound reclosable plastic container

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