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Soluble Organic Nitrogen, amino

Soluble Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer  

80% amino acids 13-0-0

Ferti-Organic's Ferti-Nitro Plus

Ferti-Nitro Plus is water soluble powder produced enzymatically without the use of chemicals or animal by-products. Derived from non-GMO soy protein with a guaranteed minimum of 13.62% plant available nitrogen ideal for nitrogen deficient crops and with a high amino acid content of 80%.

♦ 3D Soluble Fish Fertilizer

3D Soluble Fish 13-0-0 organic nitrogen fertilizer from powder fish hydrolysate. Organic Fertilizer, Soluble Fish Powder is superior to liquid fish emulsions. It is produced in a low temperature process which enzymatically digests fish protein preserving vital factors. Liquid fish emulsions require powerful stabilizers and preservatives to avoid spoilage. Soluble Fish Powder is completely dry and requires no additives. This fertilizer is economical because you pay for product only and not water! Our products are less expensive to ship, easier to handle and more stable in storage.


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