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Source Eleven, Leonardite Products 50 pound bag

  • Model: Source Eleven Leonardite 50# bag
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SOURCE™  brand leonardite based humic acid products improve the nutrition and yields in a wide variety of crops. Made from North Dakota Leonardite, the purest form of natural humic acids known in the world, SOURCE™ helps to relieve plant stress whether it’s applied as a soil amendment or mixed with fertilizer. The natural bio-stimulants found in SOURCE™ improves the availability of nutrients in the soil, particularly phosphorus and micronutrients. The soils nutrient holding capacity is increased as well as water holding capacity. The workability of problem soils is improved; weak areas in a field become less noticeable. SOURCE™  enhances any crops ability to absorb nutrients and resist stress, especially in marginal soils, resulting in faster growth and higher yields.

Directions for Use
The uses and applications for the Source line vary greatly depending on soil conditions, crop and method used to apply the product. Generally speaking, the usage rates for Source Eleven Leonardite are 40-80 pounds per acre when added to bulk blended fertilizer activator, or 50-200 pounds per acre when broadcast, applied straight and then cultivated into the soil. Saline soils may require as much as 500 pounds per acre as a broadcast application, depending on the soil.


Source Eleven is screened so 99% passes 11 mesh and is dried to 21-26% moisture.

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