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Verde-Cal, fines SGN 90


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Calcitic limestone combined with thCa, an organic complexing agent, converts insoluble Calcium (Ca) compounds to soluble and available Calcium (Ca). This allows for greater delivery of Calcium (Ca) to the exchange sites on the soil colloid.


  • Reduces Hydrogen (H), Sodium (Na), and Chlorine (Cl) in the plant and soil.
  • Improves germination, stimulates root growth, and enhances microbial activity.
  • Increases essential nutrient absorption and translocation.
  • Improves soil structure (flocculation, water infiltration).
  • Supplies optimal Calcium (Ca) levels to plant cells to strengthen the plants resistance to disease.
  • Balances the Ca/N ratio in the plant.
  • Quicker response at lower rates. Requires 1/4 the rate of standard lime per application.

To maintain optimum pH and growing conditions, apply Verde-Cal at 5 pounds per 1,000 ft2or 220 pounds per acre (2.5 kg per 100 m2 or 250 kg per hectare) at least twice per growing season, or as needed. Soil test recommendations should be used to determine liming needs.

To adjust pH, apply Verde-Cal at 10 pounds per 1,000 ft2 or 435 pounds per acre (5.0 kg per 100 m2 or 500 kg per hectare), or as needed. In most soils this will raise the soil pH up to one full point. Retest and reapply, if needed, at this rate.


  •  100% Available Calcium
  • Extremely effective for maintaining or raising pH
  • Very soluble Calcium source
  •  Clean, uniform particle sizes
  •  Can be mechanically incorporated into growing media or applied over-the-top
  •  Results are four times more effective than typical limestone applications
  • An excellent Calcium source
  •  Builds extremely tough cell walls that makes plants hardier and stronger

thCa™ Advantage

  •  Organic acid used to sequester unavailable Calcium already in the soil and converts it to be available for the soil or plant to use
  •  Penetrates the soil profile
  •  Stimulates the plant growth
  • Stimulates rooting
  •  Allows complete conditioning of the soil profile

Application Rates

Growing Media: Incorporate 3 to 5 pounds of VERDE-CAL per cubic yard of growing media. Incorporate thoroughly.

Container Plants: Incorporate 1 cup of VERDE-CAL per gallon container every 3 months or as needed.

Field Grown Plants: Apply 10 pounds of VERDE-CAL per 1000 square feet every 60 days or as needed.

General Turf and Landscape Beds: Apply 5 pounds of VERDE-CAL per 1000 square feet every 60 days to maintain optimum nutrition and soil structure or to maintain pH. Apply 12 pounds per 1000 square feet to increase pH. Follow with soil test to determine follow up applications.

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