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Maximo 360 Zinc Sulfate monohydrate fine powder 50# bag

  • Model: MaximoZincSulfate powder 50# bag
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Zinc Sulfate monohydrate fine powder, 50 pound bag

Maximo 360 Feed and Fertilizer Grade

Source of Fast-Acting Zinc and Sulfur for plants.

For constant feeding and hydroponic systems, the range in common nutrients solutions is 0.1-2.0 ppm zinc.
To make a concentrated liquid stock solution. Add 0.6 grams to one liter final volume water. Then use this stock solution at 1 mL-10mL per gallon of working strength solution. This use rate(1-10mL/gallon) gives 0.2 to 2 ppm zinc in the working solution.

Zinc is an excellent fertilizer for various crops where the soil presents Zinc deficiency. The presence of Zinc is critical to the production of growth hormones and chlorophyll, for the respiration process and for the synthesis of carbohydrates.

Zinc is essential for the life of plants. Zinc sulfate is 100% water soluble and is used to correct zinc deficiencies in soil. It can be applied as fertilizer in granular form directly to the soil and in powder form for foliar and hydroponic applications.

Fast-acting source of 35.5% zinc and 17.5% sulfur. Zinc sulfate powder is applied as a foliar at 2-5 lb/acre.


Typical chemical analysis:
Zinc (Zn) 35.5% Maximum
Lead (Pb) 0.01% Maximum
Iron (Fe) 1.0% Maximum
Cadmium (Cd) 0.01% Maximum
Chlorine (Cl) 1.0% Maximum


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