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Water quality has a major influence on any cannabis fertigation program or hydroponic system. The most important considerations are the total salt level, as measured by electrical conductivity (EC), and the mineral nutrient concentrations in the wate
Custom Hydro offers the full portfolio of completely water soluble straight fertilizers, especially selected and produced for professional use in fertigation, hydroponics and foliar applications.
Fertilizer compatibility table. Some fertilizer materials interact to form insoluble compounds and precipitates when mixed together in one concentrated solution. The precipitates fall out of solution, tying up the nutrients and making them unavailabl
The solubility of a fertilizer is determined as the maximum amount that can be completely dissolved into a determined volume of water. Exceeding this maximum amount will result in precipitation of the fertilizers in the irrigation system and can be a
Foliar fertilization offers cannabis growers the ability to supplement their regular feeding regime or to quickly overcome unforeseen nutrient deficiency.
Need help formulating and implementing a commercial cannabis fertilizer management plan? We have worked with many commercial cultivators directly and we have a network of trusted independent cannabis consultants across the nation that we can recomme
Essential plant nutrients are needed at crop-specific concentrations to obtain optimum growth or yield. Plant tissue (foliar) analysis is the standard method for measuring those levels in crops. Symptoms of nutrient deficiency occur when those tissue
Definitions of specific terms used with plant science and commercial cultivation.
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